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    Noon in Milwaukee #VSCOcam by t_todd http://ift.tt/1k8WRee

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    long time no see, blue skies

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    sunfishdunes: 15 photos of Hank, the adorable dog the Brewers found at spring training

    The Milwaukee Brewers are down in Arizona right now for spring training, and at one of the first days of their new season they happened upon a stray dog roaming around their practice field. After failing to locate an owner, the team has been taking care of the little guy. They named him Hank after Hank Aaron, and he’s become the unofficial mascot of the team.

    Good lookin’ dude.

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    Hello, gorgeous! #ThanksMKE #vscocam by jarters http://ift.tt/1dDaWaa

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    Forever Pabst

    #milwaukee #pabst #downtown #dilapidated #past #building #brick #old #brewing #company (at Downtown Milwaukee)

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    pretty light #sunset #milwaukee #milwaukeemusings #latergram #nofilter (at Marshall Building)

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    No other building material is more firmly embedded in the physical or psychological landscape of Milwaukee than Cream City brick. Once favored for their durability, the bricks show their vintage.  Since Cream City bricks are so porous they readily accept airborne contaminants which results in bricks with various colorations.  Found throughout town, these bricks bear a variety of patinas from a natural cream color, to a copper green and all the way to an almost black. From the patina one can speculate on the state of affairs in the historical past.  The discolored bricks index the past through their materiality.

    mighty mighty.

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    emishleeish :)

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  9. The Domes with the bestie #milwaukee #beautiful

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